County weighs in on plan for Pulaski redevelopment



Pulaski County Board of Supervisors voted Monday night to support the “concept” of a proposed citizen-led and privately funded Redevelopment and Renewal Plan for the town of Pulaski, but stressed it must be privately funded.

The board voted unanimously to support the concept, but Chairman Joe Sheffey and Massie District Supervisor Andy McCready emphasized that the county is not committing any funding to the redevelopment through its vote.

McCready said the county has too many pressing issues, such as deteriorating schools, to commit any public funds to the plan, which was developed by North Carolina architect David Gall and presented to the board of supervisors and Pulaski Town Council in May.

Town council put its support behind the plan last week, but did not commit public funds to the project either.

The plan itself calls for the redevelopment to be led by a group of citizens, called “Pulaski Champions,” and to be funded through private investment and possible grant funding.

Now that both boards are supporting the concept, the next step in the plan’s timeline is to form Pulaski Champions.

The plan focuses on redevelopment of the area of First Street northeast and northwest from Jefferson Avenue to the iron railroad trestle crossing Peak Creek. However Gall said the goal is to create an atmosphere that will spark growth outside the target area, as well.



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