Chamber helps 5th-graders learn personal finance skills

Fifth graders at Dublin Elementary School recently participated in The Kids’ Market Place, an interactive financial literacy program developed by Virginia Cooperative Extension and sponsored by Pulaski County Chamber of Commerce.

This is a “real world” simulation that teaches basic personal finance skills. All students were randomly assigned a job and salary and visited twelve stations, with the goal being to visit each station and have money saved in the bank at the end of the activity. The stations were Bank, Chance, Clothing, Medical, Contributions, Transportation, Animal Shelter, Fun!, Groceries, Personal Care, Furniture, and Housing.

The Chamber wishes to thank the following individuals who manned the various stations and otherwise assisted in the activity: Betty Alley, Dawn Barnes, Cindy Craft, Brooks Dawson, Brenda Eanes, Dan Grubb, Robert Hiss, Rhonda Hudson, Cynthia Hurst, Chris Lichty, Sheila Nelson, Diana Nunley, Ashley Osborne, Susan Pattison, Carol Smith, Lee Spiegel, Ava Stilwell, Barbara Tuck, Dr. Danielle Vann, Sally Warburton, Dr. John White, Peggy White, Rhonda Whitehurst, and Iris Williams.

Many of the volunteers reported that they observed many of the students actually learning something about the difference between needs and wants and the purpose of saving money.



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