Bond revoked for alleged victim contact

Cumbee, David Lee-webBy MELINDA WILLIAMS


Bond was revoked for a Pulaski man charged with three sex offenses after he allegedly made contact with the victim.

According to court records, David Lee Cumbee was returned to New River Valley Jail May 29 for allegedly violating a condition of his bond that prohibited him from contacting the woman he is alleged to have sexually assaulted. The woman told authorities Cumbee called her that day and “threatened to cut off her head.”

In May, Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Marcus Long Jr. ordered Cumbee to undergo psychiatric evaluation to determine whether he is competent to stand trial on charges of forcible sodomy, object sexual penetration and attempted sexual intercourse.

It was the second time such a test has been ordered for Cumbee since he was indicted on the charges in February 2012. It’s also the second time his bond has been revoked for allegedly contacting the victim.

Records show the court ordered an evaluation of Cumbee in June 2012 to determine whether he was competent to stand trial and whether he was sane at the time of the alleged offenses. Two months later, Cumbee was ordered to undergo treatment to return him to competency.

Cumbee’s case was continued until Nov. 1 for a status report. Eighteen days later his bond was revoked for allegedly calling the victim.

Cumbee was recommended for supervised release Feb. 27, 2012, with three factors cited for the recommendation being that he had no adult criminal convictions, no pattern of violent convictions and no history of drug abuse. However, there was also a notation on the paperwork that stated, “cannot run criminal history: VCIN down.” VCIN stands for Virginia Criminal Information Network.

In fact, a Feb. 24, 2012 bail checklist in Cumbee’s file lists his prior criminal record to include brandishing a firearm, statutory burglary, two counts of felony larceny, two counts of driving after declared a habitual offender, three counts of property destruction, assault, petit larceny, drive under the influence and distribution of a Schedule IV controlled substance.

Cumbee apparently was released from jail to home confinement March 5, 2012 on a $2,500 surety bond. Conditions placed upon his release included refraining from excessive use of alcohol, having “absolutely no Internet access” and having no contact with the victim.

A woman who posted her pickup truck as surety for Cumbee’s bond withdrew the surety April 10, 2012 and Cumbee was sent back to jail. He was released to house arrest April 27 when a bondsman secured his bond.

After being re-arrested for allegedly making contact with the victim in November, it is unclear when he was released on bond again. However, he was not in custody when he appeared in court May 10.

Although he was supposed to be tried on that day, defense attorney Chris Tuck told Judge Long he wasn’t prepared for trial because he has questions whether Cumbee is competent to understand the proceedings. He said Cumbee has difficulty remembering what has been discussed from one day to the next.



2 Responses to Bond revoked for alleged victim contact

  1. Jessica

    June 12, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    Why was he allowed a second chance to bond out after violating the terms of the first one? What, exactly, does it take to decide that someone needs to stay in jail until trail? Do they have to actually physically harm their victim again? And why isn’t he catching additional charges instead of just heading back to jail? Calling anyone and threatening them is a crime. Ridiculous. I would be afraid to contact the police after an assault knowing that they would give the registered sex offender a thousand more chances to harm me before they even spent any time in jail.

  2. cathy

    June 13, 2013 at 3:25 pm

    So a release decision was made based on the fact that he no criminal history but his criminal history was unavailable. WOW!

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