Board sets timeline for response to OWPR report



After an extended closed session, the Pulaski County School Board convened in open session of their June 26 meeting.

Chief among scheduled topics was a short-term response plan for the OWPR report given on Dublin Elementary, Pulaski Middle and Dublin Middle schools at the PCHS Little Theater on June 6.

“The first part would be gathering data and information. And of course some of that’s already been done, it just needs to be compiled and put to use,” said School Superintendant Dr. Tom Brewster. According to information provided at the meeting, this will take place throughout July and the first half of August.

The second part, seeking community input, is slated for July and involves making the OWPR report available for public viewing through the school board’s website, through the public libraries and at the school board’s central office.

“We’ve already done all three of those,” noted Brewster. “The report is out there, it’s advertised in the two local papers, the next step would be we can do a press release of some kind.”

Brewster said that there would be a meeting in the third week of July for the public to attend and provide live input. “The format of this would be for us to provide a very brief overview, and then to receive public comment,” he said. “If we see that there’s good public input on the third week of July, then we would look at a second meeting.”

A meeting for staff to give recommendations to the board is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 15.

The school board also unanimously voted to approve the VACORP resolution member agreement, discussed earlier in the meeting.

The school system’s current property and casualty carrier, the Virginia School Boards Association’s Insurance Services Board, agreed to merge with another entity, the Virginia Association of Counties, earlier in the month. The resolution, as related to the merger process, authorized these agreements to be signed by the superintendent, which will change the school system’s property and casualty insurance to the merged pool.

School Board Chairman Mike Barbour noted, “I congratulate them on doing that merger in a timely manner.”

During a discussion of SRO grants and school security, Barbour asked, “Has work started for the PA system?”

“Yes, Tim [Barnes, director of technology] gave the middle of August as the completion date,” said Brewster.

“I think they’re going to start next week,” mentioned Massie District representative Joe Guthrie.

“They started the perimeter work today,” said Brewster. “I think they start the actual construction part next week.”

Barbour later brought up problems with the school board office’s building. “I assume our lease has something in it about maintenance and repairs?” he asked.

Ronnie Nichols, director of operations and maintenance, said he had told the owner about roof leakage and other problems, but not about the elevator, which had just gone out of order that day. Nichols noted that he had spoken to the owner three times recently.

Guthrie asked, “What kind of response did you get?”

Nichols said, “That they will send somebody over to take care of that.” It was further noted that nothing had been done yet.

Guthrie, said, “We pay rent for walls and a roof. And if we’re going to pay rent to somebody, they provide us with a building that suits our purpose. And that needs to happen. We need to insist that that happen and make sure that that happens.”

The building is owned by the National Bank.







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  1. Thomas Jackson

    June 30, 2013 at 2:16 pm

    There is another way for a middle school. Move the sixth graders back to their area elem. school. That would leave just 7th and 8th graders in a school.

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