Authorities warn of two area scams



WYTHE COUNTY – Wythe County authorities are warning residents to be cautious of two scams that are being perpetrated in Wythe and other surrounding counties.

According to Wythe County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Keith Dunagan, authorities have identified one suspect who approached citizens with offers to invest in ATM machines. He said the suspect pays small amounts of “interest” to the scam victims, but eventually absconds with their money.

“We have the suspect in custody, but feel that there is a strong probability that other victims exist,” Dunagan states in a press release. “If any area residents have been approached with a proposal to invest in ATM machines, we would like them to call our office.”

He said residents of other counties who have been approached by the suspect should contact law enforcement in their area.

The other scam involves residents, primarily senior citizens, receiving telephone calls from the 434 area code in which the caller claims a family member of the resident has paid for Lifeline and that someone from the company needs to come to their home to install the service.

Dunagan said Lifeline has verified that they have no representative in the 434 area and that they are aware of a scam being perpetrated from that area code.




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