YMCA looking for young artistic talent




On January 1, 2014, the current sign of the Hensel Eckman YMCA will be out of date.

The YMCA is inviting local youth to utilize their artistic stills in graphic design to create a new entrance sign.

“What better way to reach out to local youth than to have them help design the new sign,” said Debbie Maxwell, co-interim director of the YMCA.

The entrance sign is to be located at the intersection of Route 11 and Oakhurst Ave. Entries will be reviewed on June 10 by a three-person committee.


Each participant will receive a free month’s membership to the YMCA. The winning design applicant will receive a “recognition of accomplishment” certificate from the Board of Directors and a six month free membership.

If interested, call 540-980-3671 for more details.



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