Ride of Silence held in Radford to honor fallen cyclists




RADFORD-Cyclists worldwide will participate in the 10th annual silent, slow-paced ride to honor of those who have been injured or killed while cycling on public roadways on May 15.

Radford’s Ride of Silence begins at 7 p.m, with staging at 6:30 p.m., the west end of Main Street, through Bisset and Wildwood Parks, and eventually ends on Main Street.

“This event reminds road users throughout the New River Valley of the importance of sharing the road,” said Laurie Buchwald, secretary for Pathways for Radford. “We hope to educate and stress bike safety.”

Children are encouraged to participate in Radford’s Ride of Silence, but helmets are required. There will be a police escort along the 6.8 mile route. Though solemn, the ride can be enjoyable and inspirational.

“Delegate Joseph Yost has agreed to ride with us this year,” said Carol Colby. “We are pleased to offer him the opportunity to connect with some of his two-wheeled constituents, and hope that he will carry memories of their faces and stories with him in the next legislative session.”

Co-sponsored by the New River Valley Bicycle Association and Pathways for Radford, the New River Valley ride was first organized in 2008 after the untimely death of local professor and veteran cyclist Fess Green.

“It’s hard to express how awe-inspiring this short, simple, quiet event can be,” Colby said. “Participants in our first local Ride of Silence were still reeling from the death of Fess Green. Since then, each year’s ride has been larger than the previous one, and there is an almost palpable feeling of joy, of community, even in the solemnity.”

This year’s event will follow Radford’s roads and scenic Riverway, which Green was instrumental in building.

Staging will begin in the Sal’s/El Charro’s parking lot on West Main Street in Radford at 6:30 p.m. The Ride of Silence will begin at 7 p.m.

Non-riders can still support bike safety by joining the riders along the route on Main Street. Participants are invited to gather at Sal’s and El Charro following the ride.

Posted May 9, 2013



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