Man on the Street



Sometimes the best news isn’t what people are doing in the community, but what they’re thinking. We again present a feature about just that, giving you their answers to a single question.

Last week we solicited for questions you the public would like to see asked, but we’re going to allow another week for response (so send yours in if you’re interested). In the meantime, we thought we’d ask something lighthearted. Our question this week is in reaction to the news of someone’s good fortune in a nearby county.

Q: Someone in Christiansburg won a million dollars. If you won a million dollars, what would you do with the money?

Dorothy Williams, housewife: “I’d take the money to St. Jude’s Hospital.”

Shirley Ridpath, disabled: “First thing I would do is tithe to my church, help my family and help people that need to be helped. We need a homeless shelter here.”

Pam Sheetz, massage therapist: “I would buy a little place in the country and I would start a no-kill rescue dog-shelter and create jobs around it by starting a business on the side that would support it, like an herb garden or a petting zoo.”

Andrew Pilla, cook: “Move away from here, closer to a beach. I grew up in New Jersey by the beach.”

Wayne Adams, truck driver: “I would pay off my debts and help needy people. You could spend a million dollars right there.”

Barbara Roberts, unemployed, “Number one: I’d make sure my mother and brother were taken care of. Number two: I’d make sure the church and Daily Bread had sufficient funds because they’re for a good cause. Then I’d get myself a house.”

Christine Sechrist, student: “Pay off my student loans, pay off medical bills. I would donate some of it to some type of charity. I would put some to the side so my son would have a college education.”

Vic Harris, disabled: “Probably start some kind of business, I think. I’d try to hire some people to work and start a business. If money ain’t making money, it goes away.”




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