Embezzlement suspects enter guilty pleas




Two women charged with embezzling funds from Pulaski County businesses last summer entered guilty pleas in Pulaski County Circuit Court Friday.

Judge Marcus Long Jr. stressed to both women the importance of repaying the funds they took from the businesses, saying to one suspect, “restitution is very important to me.”

Amy Nickerson of Pulaski was accused of taking $2,000 from Wendy’s June 1 while she was employed by the restaurant. Likewise, Shannon Marie Debord of Radford was accused of taking $3,500 from Food City July 1 while she was employed by the grocery store..

Under a plea agreement, Nickerson agreed to repay $2,000 to Wendy’s and perform 100 hours of community service in exchange for the felony embezzlement charge being reduced to misdemeanor larceny from a business.

Nickerson is to be back in Circuit Court May 9, 2014 for review of the case. At that time, Judge Long said, the charge will be reduced if she has made restitution and completed her community service. If not, the judge said, he will convict Nickerson of felony embezzlement and impose a sentence. He reminded Nickerson that the plea agreement does not include a specific sentence he must follow if she is convicted of the felony.

A prosecutor said Debord was charged with embezzlement after Food City management noticed repeated cash shortages and checked to see who was working on the days of the shortages. Upon checking video surveillance, the prosecutor said, Debord was seen pocketing cash.

Under her plea agreement, Debord received a three-year suspended prison sentence under the condition she make restitution and be placed on supervised probation for 18 months.

Judge Long told Debord he won’t release her from probation until all restitution has been paid. He told her she would be pulling some “DC time” if she didn’t repay Food City, meaning she would be serving time in the Department of Corrections.

Posted May 14, 2013



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