Dublin Dukes Crush Opponents in Final Meet

By JP Widner

SWT Sports Reporter


Salem- The Dublin Middle School Boy’s Track & Field Team competed one final time in 2013 at the Andrew Lewis Invitational last Thursday. The Dukes took on Christiansburg Middle, Hidden Valley Middle and Andrew Lewis Middle. At the end of the evening, the Duke boys destroyed their opponents by accumulating a whopping 177 team points! The recorded times were mostly accurate in the score book, but there are a few missing marks. The athlete’s finishes are all correct.

Long Jump– 1st place-Robbie Lawson-15′, 2nd place-Hunter Thomas- 14′, 3rd place- Ethan Tangtong- 13′, 4th place- Justin Shatto- 12’ 8.5”, and 5th place-Nic Boitnott-12’5”

Triple Jump-1st place-Jared Nieman- 32′, 2nd place- Ethan Tangtong- 29′, 3rd place- Ryan Smith- 28′, 4th place- Justin Shatto- 27′, 5th place- Nic Boitnott-26′

High Jump– 1st place Hunter Thomas- 4’10”, 2nd place- Jared Nieman- 4’10”, 3rd place- Robbie Lawson- 4’6″, 4th place- Justin Shatto- 4’4″, 5th place- Nic Boitnott- 4’4″

Discus– 1st place- Anthony Inscoe- 105’7”, 2nd place- Zach Dones- 96′, 3rd place- Caleb Bishop- 92’9”, 4th place- Joe Reynolds- 85’4”, 5th place- Justin Shatto- 76′

Shot– 1st place- Zach Dones- 36’6”, 2nd place- Anthony Inscoe- 35’11”, 3rd place- Caleb Bishop- 35′, 4th place- Hunter Thomas- 31’1”, 5th place- Justin Shatto 27′

800m– 1st place- Josh Alley- 2:40, 3rd place- Ryan Smith- 2:43, 4th place- Brendan Guthrie- 2:47, 5th place- Tyler Hall- 2:52

1600m– 1st place- Ryan Smith- 5:51, 2nd place- Jake Winesett- 5:53, 3rd place- Brendan Guthrie- 5:59, 5th place- Noah Whitlow- 6:13

200 m– 1st place- Zach Dones- 28.43, 2nd place- Deamon Williams- 28.78, 3rd place- Caleb Bishop- 29.28, 4th place- Anthony Inscoe- 29.31

100m– 1st place- Hunter Thomas- 11.87, 2nd place- Robbie Lawson- 12.46, 3rd place- Deamon Williams-13.60

110 Hurdles– 2nd place- Nic Boitnott-20.37, 3rd place- Zach Dones- 20.62, 4th place- Jared Nieman- 22.06, 5th place- Robbie Lawson- 22.53

300 Hurdles– 1st place Jared Nieman- 54.84, 2nd place- Jake Winesett- 59.21, 3rd place- Justin Shatto- 1:00

3200 Relay– 1st place- 11:15 Josh Alley, Brendan Guthrie, Dawson Fox, Jake Winesett
1600 Relay -1st place- no time available- Robbie Lawson, Dontay Brown, Jared Nieman, Hunter Thomas

“I would like to thank the team for doing their very best this year,” commented Head Coach Tammy Sayers. “You were great and I am proud of each of you. Eighth graders, thank you for leading this team and guiding the younger classmen. You did a wonderful job. I will miss you next year.”

Coach Sayers mentioned a student-athlete that meant a lot to her and the team. “Jason Smith had to miss the last three meets due to an ankle injury.  His strength as a jumper, relay team member, and runner has definitely been noticed off the track. He has done a great job encouraging his teammates on the sidelines. Thanks Jason.”

Coach Sayers also wanted to thank her assistant coach, David Mitchell (shot put coach), the girls head coach, Buddy Farris (discus coach), the girl’s assistant coach, Jane Honeycutt, (hurdles/high jump coach) and assistant coach, Abby Smith, (long distance coach) for helping make the Dublin Middle School boys’ team a great success in 2013.



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