Critzer Pre-K field trip has students about town


Students of Ericka Lytton and Jennifer Ratcliff’s Pre-K classes at Critzer Elementary School enjoyed a field trip to learn more about the town of Pulaski on Friday.

This is the second time Pre-K class field trips have included a tour of the town.

The children made numerous stops, with an itinerary spanning The Southwest Times, the library, the firehouse, the Raymond F. Ratcliffe Memorial Transportation Museum, Calfee Park, the train depot and Dora Highway Park.

The activities, which included seeing a printing press, exploring the children’s room of the library, getting badges from a police officer and climbing aboard a fire truck, were tied into the Pre-K curriculum and SOL objectives, according to Lytton.

“They have been creating newspapers in the classroom since we returned to our school,” said Lytton of how their stop at The Southwest Times influenced her students. But, she added, the students were most impressed by the museum.

“The children thoroughly enjoyed the new Ratcliffe Museum. They loved the train,” Lytton said. Calfee Park was also hit, with one ambitious would-be player running all the way around the far edges of the field.

In addition to participating in a group setting and gaining new vocabulary, Lytton said, “The children were able to make a connection that he or she is a member of a community.”

Despite having to skip two stops—Dream Dawn’s Flower Shop and the post office—due to lack of time, Lytton feels the trip was successful. She said, “Mrs. Ratcliff and I appreciate the Town of Pulaski coming together to provide the students the opportunity to explore their community. The children were provided hands-on experiences and behind-the-scenes looks at how their town operates.”

Lytton also extended thanks to Director of Parks and Facilities Dave Hart, for opening the Ratcliffe Museum and Calfee Ball Park, noting that Hart also donated t-shirts for all of the children in the preschool classes.




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