Craig Co. may pull out of Fairview Home



Pulaski County has given its consent to allow Craig County to pull out of Fairview Home, making it the third founding member to leave since the home was established in the 1920s. Other member jurisdictions also must approve of the withdrawal before it is final.

Under a draft agreement between the members of Fairview District Home Board, Craig County will give up all ownership interest in Fairview Home assisted living facility in exchange for the board releasing Craig of liability for $24,961 in outstanding upkeep and maintenance fees owed as of June 30, 2011. The fees will be deemed the board’s payment for Craig’s interest in the property.

According to the agreement, Craig has not utilized Fairview “for a number of years” and “has not satisfied their respective financial obligation to contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of the property,” at the corner of Cougar Trail and Hatcher roads in Dublin.

Craig County currently has the least ownership in the property (7.27 percent), while Pulaski has majority ownership at 33.02 percent. If the withdrawal is allowed, Craig’s ownership will be divided among the four remaining members: Pulaski County, 33.6 percent; Montgomery County, 32.7 percent; Giles County, 22.8 percent, and Radford, 8.9 percent. All four were founding members of Fairview Homes, along with Roanoke and Smyth counties, which are no longer part of the board.

The agreement also allows for Craig to be paid one percent of the net proceeds should the Fairview Board sell Fairview Home within five years of  the date Craig withdraws from the board.

Fairview Home got its start in 1928 as one of the Commonwealth’s three district homes and farms developed under a 1918 law consolidating almshouses (charitable homes for the disable, poor and elderly) into district homes run by groups of counties and cities, according to the Historic Registry of the original home.

The original large brick facility, built at a cost of about $75,000 according to the registry, is now a private residence on the south side of Cougar Trail, a short distance west of Pulaski County High School.





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