There’s a new recruiter in town



His will probably become a familiar face in the halls of Pulaski County High School, as he searches for the next “few and proud” who are looking to join the distinguished ranks of the United States Marine Corps. Meet Sgt. Terrence Taylor, Marine Recruiter.

Twenty-three-year-old Sgt. Taylor hails from Ft. Wayne, Ind. and is the new recruiter serving our area from his home office in Princeton, W.Va. Taylor serves the counties of Pulaski, Giles, Bland and two counties in West Virginia. He said he volunteered to be a recruiter.

Asked about Pulaski County, Taylor said, “It’s definitely a good area and a lot of good people in the area. I’m trying to find a way to enhance people’s plans and give them a way to make them more successful.”

Taylor said he tries to get to our schools as often as he can; at least three to four days a month. He has nine other schools in his area to cover as well, recruiting potential officers for active duty and reserves.

Taylor has been deployed with a Marine Expeditionary Unit, which took him to 14 cities across nine countries, to include Italy, France and Greece. He later volunteered to be a Marine recruiter and has settled in Princeton with his wife of over four years and a son who will be four this coming June.

Taylor uses his experience to encourage others to join the Marines.

“It’s a good opportunity,” said Taylor. “It allowed me the opportunity to get my future started and have my own business. It has given me actual life experiences to help enhance my future. We don’t look to stop plans, we try to enhance people’s plans.”

The recruiter said they look for people on track to graduate or who have already graduated—people who are self-starters and considered “top-tier”—indicating the path to becoming a Marine has become more competitive.

Sgt. Taylor was accompanied to The Times by Gunnery Sgt. Jared Stiles, another Marine recruiter who had previously been serving this area. Stiles said one of the goals in their jobs “is to be positive role models to each individual, whether they want to be a Marine or not.”

Young men or women interested in learning more about careers in the Marines can visit or contact Sgt. Taylor at (301) 389-1184.



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