Special enforcement nabs 125 violations

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If you noticed what seemed to be more Virginia State Police troopers on Pulaski County roads than normal Tuesday, it wasn’t just your imagination.

In an effort to address citizen concerns, additional troopers were brought into the county Tuesday to conduct what First Sgt. Mike Honaker called “an intensive highway enforcement project.” By the end of the eight-hour project, troopers had patrolled a total of 2,048 miles, conducted checkpoints at several locations and written 125 violations.

“This enforcement project was important because we wanted to address some complaints we had received from several of our citizens related to areas where some dangerous driving behaviors had been observed, as well as many issues related to unsafe vehicle equipment,” said Honaker, who heads up the Dublin VSP office.

He said a total of nine troopers were working in Pulaski County Tuesday. “I think the results speak for themselves,” he added. “Because of our commitment to making our highways as safe as possible, motorists will see us doing this again and again in the future.”

Honaker said the other troopers were brought to the county on special assignment from other areas so that the countywide operation could be conducted. The project consisted of directed patrols in locations identified as areas of concern based on citizen complaints and crash data. Also, two traffic-checking details were conducted on Route 11 at the Pulaski Country Club swimming facility and on Route 99 at the Dora Highway intersection.

Honaker said enforcement results included the following citations or arrests:

Speeding – 16

Reckless driving – 3

Other hazardous violations – 2

Seatbelt violations – 11

Equipment violations – 59

Other violations – 31

Drug arrests – 1

Other misdemeanors arrests – 2



2 Responses to Special enforcement nabs 125 violations

  1. carol king

    April 18, 2013 at 10:31 pm

    I think they should do this more often,amen, I’ve witnessed a lot of close calls on the road near the dora highway intersection cause people ride bumpers and speeding keep up the great job and watch the dora highway intersection more often thanks mr honaker and guys…

  2. kathy

    April 19, 2013 at 8:12 am

    I am pleased that citizens can request help and get it.
    Great job.

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