Prevent a tragedy, clean out your cabinets


Most people never have the chance to save a life.

But on Saturday, April 27, everyone will have an opportunity to potentially avert a tragedy, if not save a life, by disposing of unwanted medications at a Prescription Take Back event.

Pulaski Community Partners Coalition (PCPC) is once again teaming up with Pulaski Police Department and Food City in Pulaski to hold the annual Take Back, which is part of the federal DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) Take Back program.

“By taking all expired or unused medications to the Prescription Take Back, you are ensuring that those medications don’t fall into the wrong hands and harm a child, family member or neighbor,” said PCPC Director Lee Spiegel.

She said the process is “quick and easy.”

Simply mark out your name on any prescriptions but leave the name of the medication on the label. Then take all medications to the Take Back team outside Food City in Pulaski between the hours of 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Spiegel urged citizens to help spread the word about the Take Back and, if possible, help provide transportation for a neighbor or friend who cannot drive.

“Every medication destroyed is a possible life saved, so mark your calendar!” said Spiegel.

She explained that unused or expired medications are targets for theft and misuse by both children and adults.

According to the Center for Disease Control non-medical use of prescription drugs is at epidemic levels. In fact, the number of deaths attributed to prescription drug abuse and misuse is now higher than that of automobile fatalities.

Spiegel said there also is a “huge potential” for someone who is rushed or not paying attention to unintentionally take the wrong medication when old bottles are allowed to accumulate.

“Taking the wrong medication can lead to problems worse than the issue that they are being treated for in the first place,” she said.



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