Middle school walls coming along



Progress repairing the bowed walls at the middle schools in Dublin and Pulaski is on schedule, according to Pulaski County Schools Director of Operations Ronnie Nichols.

Two walls at Pulaski Middle School and one at Dublin Middle School are bowed and have been a known safety concern since February. The areas near the walls—part of the gymnasium wall above the locker rooms at Dublin Middle School, and a part of the gymnasium end wall above the locker rooms and parts of the back wall of the stage and sidewall of the auditorium at Pulaski Middle–have been sectioned off and are not in use at this time.

Total cost of repair was assessed at $334,000 for a permanent fix, which would involve putting steel structures in to support them. The Board of Supervisors voted to allow this plan on March 18 at a joint meeting with the school board.

So far the work has consisted of digging footers down to the foundation for the piers to rest on.

Steel piers are going to be added to the outside walls. They will be “tied to the existing foundation and go all the way up to the roof deck,” according to Avis Contractor Superintendant Nick Phillips.

The piers are being ordered by Avis and custom made. “They don’t have those sitting on a shelf somewhere,” said Nichols.

The inside of the buildings have seen little activity, aside from protecting surfaces with sheets of plywood. “There will be some work done inside, but not much,” said Nichols. “What we’re going to do is put anchor bolts to go through the wall and support the beams. But most of the work will be outside.”


The work should be completed in June after school lets out, according to Nichols.









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