Man on the Street


Sometimes the best news isn’t what people are doing in the community, but what they’re thinking. We again present a feature about just that, giving you their answers to a single question.

Q: Would you like to see public transportation options in Pulaski that run later and more often?

Steven Phan: “Yes. That’s good.”

John Brammer: “Yeah. When you call them, it seems like you’re on one side of town and they’re on the other. I think they shut down around five. But the transit’s cheaper than cabs. I like it.”

Gwen Davis: “Absolutely. I have friends who use public transport who really enjoy it. If it ran later I would use it myself. That would be a good alternative to driving or taking a cab—it would cut down on DUIs.”

Amy Holmes: “Yes I would because help isn’t just from 9 to 5—people need help all the time.”

Betsy Stowers: “Yeah, I think that would be good for the people. Sometimes people have later appointments that they can’t get to. I think that would be good for the town.”

Linda Lowe: “Later. It needs to run just a little bit later.”

Tracey Ferguson: “Yes. I think they should run later.”

Annie Hicks: “Yeah, especially on Sunday for senior citizens that like to go to church and can’t get out.”





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