Man on the Street


Sometimes the best news isn’t what people are doing in the community, but what they’re thinking. We again present a feature about just that, giving you their answers to a single question.

In the past, we’ve heard various ideas for improving the Town of Pulaski. Some legislators in an earlier Man on the Street suggested focusing on downtown, but some felt the most important thing is developing route 99 to draw interstate traffic. We decided to see what citizens thought.

Q: Which do you think Pulaski needs to develop first: the downtown area so people will have a place to go, or route 99 so people will be drawn in off the interstate?

Carol Ridpath, front end manager at Food City: “Actually I think it’s both. We need to draw people in, but why would you want to bring them in if there’s nothing to bring them to?”

Brittaney Davis, stay at home mom: “Downtown, because we don’t have anything here to do. We have to go elsewhere to do things.”

Annie Lockett, juvenile probations officer: “Downtown, so people will have a place to go. So it will appeal to people who are already here.”

Tammy Reynolds, VJCCA Coordinator: “I think downtown. I think that it used to be wonderful to spend time with your family here. I’d like to see it come back so people in the community can share some of those wonderful experiences.”

Ella Mae Bevil: “Downtown. Stuff for kids, movies, just something to do besides get in trouble.”

Jennifer Hardy, food tech at Carilion: “Downtown. If we had something to interest people into coming downtown and things to do, museums, shops, antique shops, something historical, Civil War re-enactments—just something to draw people here. It just seems like the town is dying. It just seems like there’s nothing to do.”

Jerry Hardy, disabled: “I guess downtown, a place for people to go, to have more stuff for people to do. Kids have nothing to do around here.”

James Beverly, retired: “Fix downtown. People won’t come in if there’s nothing here. People need a place to eat and someplace they can go and enjoy.”




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