Life-Guard 11 makes a stop in Pulaski

Life-Guard group-webBy TRAVIS HANDY

When you see a Life-Guard aircraft descending in your area, it’s usually connected to a serious accident or traumatic life-or-death situation, but Sunday afternoon Life-Guard 11 made a scheduled landing at Maple Shade Plaza as part of a training program for local first responders.

Pulaski Firefighters in an EMT-B (basic) class spent part of the course learning skills related to Life-Guard’s Field Heart Alert and Field Stroke Alert programs along with landing zone safety.

According to Jason Chrisley, a Life-Guard flight paramedic involved in teaching the course, at the course’s conclusion, the aircraft is brought in so the students can learn how to load it properly and how to operate around it safely. The course also teaches students how to set up a landing zone for pilots using the proper dimensions and avoiding possible hazards such as power lines near a landing site, in the event they need assistance from Life-Guard. Chrisley conducted the class along with Sherri Walker, a Life-Guard flight nurse.

Life-Guard’s fleet has three rescue aircraft, Life-Guard 10, 11 and 12. Life-Guard 11 is based at Carilion New River Valley Medical Center. The air ambulatory service provides 24-hour transport to all of Virginia as well as parts of West Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee.



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