Community has chance to save a firefighter



Whether we’re traveling local roads, relaxing at home or busy at work, a firefighter is just a phone call away if we encounter a life-threatening event.

But when firefighters put their lives on the line to protect or save us, the gear they are wearing needs to provide the highest level of protection to keep them safe, as well. Now, the community has a chance to protect a firefighter by helping Dublin Fire Department reach a 2013 goal of purchasing five new sets of structural firefighting gear, as well as firefighting and extrication tools.

The department just started its 2013 Fundraising Campaign. Chief Ronnie McClure points out the public’s financial assistance is more important than ever given the fact current economic times have resulted in budget cuts and grant reductions through local, state and federal government sources.

With the average cost of a set of firefighting gear being about $2,500, the department is facing an expense of about $12,500 without the purchase of additional tools. McClure said the gear not only provides protection from the harsh and toxic environments that exist in a fire, but also serves to protect firefighters during hazardous materials incidents and vehicle extrications.

To make a donation to Dublin Fire Department, visit or stop by the department at 105 Trinkle Ave. in Dublin.

During 2012, Dublin Fire Department responded to a total of 310 calls, including 53 fire calls, 80 motor vehicle accidents, 43 hazardous materials incidents, 36 public service calls, 22 fire alarms, 25 natural disaster calls and 51 “special incidents.” The department’s firefighters averaged 212 hours of training per volunteer.



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