Two arrested in inactive meth lab

Draper,Terry Koert,AutumnBy MELINDA WILLIAMS

Two people were arrested Monday night when police found what they called an inactive methamphetamine lab in a room at Budget Inn in Pulaski.

According to Pulaski Police Department Capt. Anthony Meredith, police went to the motel at 509 East Main St. around 11 p.m. Monday to serve a warrant for possession of morphine on Terry Lee Draper, 33, who was reported to be staying in room 121. Officers located and arrested Draper, then found a female, Autumn “Nikki” Kohert, 27, hiding under a bed in the room.

Meredith said Kohert also had an outstanding warrant for manufacturing methamphetamine on file, so she was also placed under arrest. At that time, he said, officers then found what appeared to be chemicals and other items used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine in the room.

That room and other adjacent rooms were evacuated and narcotics officers were notified. Investigators from the Claytor Lake Drug Task Force and members of the Virginia State Police responded to the scene and executed a search warrant.

Meredith said officers found precursors for the manufacturing of methamphetamine.  The items located were determined to be in-active, but a substance that appears to be methamphetamine was found inside the room.  The substance has been sent to a lab for evaluation.

In addition to their original charges, Draper and Kohert each are charged with manufacture of Schedule I or II controlled substances and possession of precursors to manufacture methamphetamine. Both are being held at the New River Valley Regional Jail.





6 Responses to Two arrested in inactive meth lab

  1. Melissa

    March 27, 2013 at 6:17 pm

    Dear God, Please help people who are addicted to this evil drug…..It has taken over so badly……..There is no help for meth addicts so this comment is for God….Please bring something to our area for people to get help for this addiction that is sooooooo out of control…..

  2. Real World

    March 27, 2013 at 9:07 pm

    As with most places, you should advertise for the most qualified candidate. Most of the issues related to Town problems come with many of the past and present Council Members that cover their personal agendas with political statements. We lost our Wal-mart due to a previous Mayor that voted against a new Supercenter being built close to where he lived costing Wal-mart to eventually move to Dublin in turn costing revenue. We continue to hold onto the normal Gatewood that could be a Goldmine if changed and marketed because we are concerned of offending the few campers that don’t want change. It needs a swimming area. We continue to waste Town Staff time based on the uneducated opinions of certain council members that spout off without any knowledge of what they are talking about. We study this and want information on that without ever making a decision. The Town could thrive if Council would look at important things such as Economic Development and sending representative to solicit business. This requires travel, communication, and marketing skills…not economic development that conducts business from a phone or is more interested in the museum and keeping the few business men that currently are allowing the old Pulaski Furniture Buildings to decay or be scrapped. We need leadership in our local government, not members that carry a chip and do nothing but hurt the Town to carry out their apparent agenda. Don’t be a puppet on a string. If you want something nice, you have to pay for it. Nothing is free. Do it right the first time. If taxes need to be raised to accomplish this goal, then do it right. Don’t try to be political and and maintain no tax increases to hold your seat, as service in town suffers along with its employees. Citizens need to wake up and pay attention to who they elect to control the Town checkbook.

    • ELC

      March 28, 2013 at 11:13 am

      Real World,

      Here, here.

      Thank you for your insight. I believe you have hit the nail on the head!

  3. david

    March 29, 2013 at 8:48 pm

    the real faces of meth! i know what would have helped them from cooking….legally obtaining metadone from a methadone clinic….keep the addicts addicted town hall..

  4. Melissa

    March 30, 2013 at 10:02 am

    WHY in Gods name dont the government see this problem of meth and take SUDAFED & generics off of the shelves? I mean they have but now you have to sign for it at the pharmacy but the pharmacist now use their wise judgement(lol) to determine if the person should be able to buy it or not. This srug has ruined one of my loved ones life….Yes, I know he shouldve never picked it up in the first place but truth is he did and God, my heart breaks daily…..Drugs don’t only consume the lives of the users but the lives of the users families too……..

  5. The Truth Is

    March 30, 2013 at 10:25 am

    No one has sympathy for addicts until it strikes someone they love, otherwise people look upon them as the scum of the earth. But for the grace of God ANYONE can fall prey to drugs and alcohol. Drug addiction is sad because the “so called” treatment centers allow only three days to detox and that is outrageous! It takes up to two years to detox completely. Methadone clinics are ran by the government and they make a fortune off them. Mexico has replaced their once lucrative pot business with meth labs at all borders. Truth is, it`s all about money.

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