Tornado drill quick and quiet



Pulaski County Schools participated in Tuesday’s statewide tornado drill, along with possibly over 1,000,000 other Virginians who agreed to take part.

At Pulaski Elementary, the announcement was made, “in plain speak. We don’t use any kind of fancy talk,” according to Assistant Principal Michael Greco, who noted that some school systems use elaborate code words or special PA system tones to indicate different types of emergencies.

Following the plain and simple theme, children evacuated their classrooms at the 9:45 a.m. announcement, moving quickly and quietly into place. They lined up facing the school’s inner walls and crouched low, protecting their heads in particular, under the supervision of their teachers. There appeared to be no stragglers or problems.

Greco inspected the students, reassuring them as he moved from group to group. “Nice job. I appreciate everyone following directions and listening to your teachers. It’s just practice.”

After about two minutes of making sure everything went to plan, Greco announced the drill was over. “Perfect, ladies and gentlemen, perfect! Great job!” said Greco as the students returned to their classes.

The statewide drill was a joint effort between the Virginia Department of Emergency Management and the National Weather Service.




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