Radford seeking rape suspects



RADFORD – Radford City authorities are seeking four men who are alleged to have forcibly raped a 19-year-old female at her home in the 700-block of New River Road Saturday.

According to Radford City Lt. Andy Wilburn, the four African American suspects are believed to be between the ages of 19 and 22. Each suspect is further described as:

•Approximately 5-feet, 8-inches tall, with shoulder-length dreadlock hair and wearing a white t-shirt and long navy button-down shirt.

•Male with shoulder length dreadlocks and wearing a pink polo shirt and a beige sweater with a hole in the armpit.

•A tall, light-skinned and freckled man with a short “buzz cut” and wearing a navy blue jacket.

•A male wearing a white shirt, white jacket and a white beanie cap with black writing on it,

Police believe the suspects may have attended a concert at the Bondurant Center on East Main Street in Radford prior to the incident.

Anyone having information on the case or the identities of the possible suspects is asked to call Radford City Police Department at (540) 731-5040. The investigation is ongoing.



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