Radford Police investigating forcible rape incident

On Saturday, March 2, the Radford City Police Department responded to a call about a sexual assault that occurred in the 700 block of New River Road.

The victim, a 19 year old female, reported that she was forcibly raped at her residence by four black males. The victim and the suspects had met earlier in the evening.

All were black males are believed to be 19-22 year old and described further as:

One male is approximately 5’8”, hair is shoulder length dreads, white t-shirt, with long navy button down shirt.

Another male also has shoulder length dreads, pink polo, wearing a beige sweater with hole in armpit.

A third male is the tallest, light skinned, freckled, short buzz cut, navy blue jacket.

The forth male wore a white shirt, white beanie with black writing and a white jacket.

It is believed that the males most likely attended a concert event at the Bondurant Center on East Main Street in Radford. These males are not the same four males involved in a weapons violation reported early Saturday morning at 7 Eleven.

This case is still under investigation. If anyone has information about this crime please call the Radford City Police Department’s crime tip line at (540) 731-5040.



One Response to Radford Police investigating forcible rape incident

  1. Va Girl

    March 4, 2013 at 10:45 am

    I wouldn’t be so quick so say it wasn’t the same (or some of the same) individuals in the photos of the 7-11. TWO of them…one with a red shirt and another with a white hat with stripes…have dreads. Hopefully we won’t start having the same kind of issues in Radford they are having in Danville.

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