Pulaski Police Department names Saul ‘Officer of Year’

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Pulaski Police Department Sgt. John D. Saul has been named the department’s Officer of the Year for 2012.

In addition to being named the town of Pulaski’s Employee of the Year during 2012, Mother’s Against Drunk Driving (MADD) has recognized Saul a number of years for his efforts combating intoxicated drivers.

In being named the department’s Officer of the Year, it was noted that Saul “exemplified himself by his leadership, dedication to duty, and a strong desire to make a positive difference in the lives of others.”

Capt. Anthony Meredith said Saul received several letters of commendation from the public and his peers throughout 2012 and also was involved in “several major events involving life and death situations” in which Saul “was able to provide leadership, direction, and resolution under trying circumstances.”

The award was presented Feb. 22 during the police department’s annual awards banquet. The department has held the event the past few years “to honor the employees that have exemplified themselves in their duties to promote a safe and secure environment for the citizens of the town of Pulaski, Pulaski County, and surrounding jurisdictions.”

Also during the banquet, Saul and his coworkers, Lt. Michael R. Hudson, Cpl. Wes A. Ratcliff and Officer Ronald Gillenwater, received a police department Life Saving Award for saving a life by performing CPR on an unresponsive subject during a Nov. 17 emergency situation.

Meredith said the officers found the victim unconscious, not breathing, and without a pulse.  They rotated performing CPR for more than 30 minutes until the victim regained a pulse and began breathing on his own.  He was transported to the hospital by REMSI.

Pulaski Town Council recently recognized the officers for their lifesaving efforts, as well.

Other awards presented included:

•Non-sworn Employee of the Year, Elaine Newman;

•Communications Officer of the Year, Lisa J. Landry;

•Investigator of the Year, Detective Rita M. Anderson;

•A-Squad Officer of the Year, Officer Jimmy W. Stone;

•C-Squad Officer of the Year, Detective Sarah J. Riggins;

•D- Squad Officer of the Year, Sgt. John D. Saul;

•Most Arrests, Detective Sarah J. Riggins and Officer Joshua P. Bowden;

•Most Child Restraint Violations, Officer Jimmy W. Stone, and

•Most Traffic Violations, Officer Jimmy W. Stone.

Meredith said, “Employees from the police department continuously meet and exceed standards within the profession and perform in a high tempo, high intensity operational environment that often involves life and death situations. On many occasions, police and communications officers’ actions go unnoticed to the general public.”

He added, “The Pulaski Police Department is proud of its employees and wants to share their accomplishments with the citizens we serve.”



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