Pulaski County Board of Supervisors considers tax increase



PCBOS3-7-13Reported from Pulaski County Board of Supervisors meeting March 7, 2013:

Pulaski Co. Board of Supervisors will advertise a 10 cent real estate tax increase, but asks staff to return a budget with enough cuts to allow for a lower increase. Robinson Supervisor Charles Bopp votes no.



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  1. Andrew Cocke

    March 7, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    What to do… upset the tax payers by raising their taxes, or upset the tax payers by leaving taxes unchanged but instead cutting services that tax payers have become accustomed to.

    My heart goes out to these supervisors. You look in this picture and you see a group of people grappling with budget issues. It’s not really their fault. They are the ones who live in our community, they have to look us in the eye every day and tell us they have to charge us more for less service.

    But lest we forget it’s the state and federal governments that have started dumping many of their budget issues on the counties. Those people in Richmond and Washington don’t have to look us in the eye. What’s worse is state and federal taxes are ALSO going up! Yet they are passing most of their problems on down to the counties, cities and towns!

    A ten cent tax increase would increase my real estate taxes by $19.20 per half (six months). Granted, some live in more fancy houses, but then again, if you can afford a million dollar house you should be able to afford the tax that goes with it.

    In the end I would encourage the BOS to avoid a tax rate increase if at all possible, but if they have to pass one, I think we should go after the real culprits in Richmond and Washington.

    It’s easy for Virginia to tout being the best run state financially when they dump all their problems on those down the line. And as for Washington DC, forget about it. I have no use for our federal government what so ever, they are a complete waste.

    Do what you have to do BOS, I know where the blame lies and I shall not cast my stone your way.

  2. Howard

    March 8, 2013 at 9:54 am

    Thanks Mr. Bopp for a ‘no’ on this issue.

    And to all on the Board, stop asking and tell everyone to take a 10 percent reduction in all areas of County Government, except Law Enforcement.
    I also stated this the last time the tax increase was reported in the newspaper.

    You also have the Town with budget problems and they will follow your lead and then another increase.

  3. Va Girl

    March 8, 2013 at 10:06 am

    Great. Last time they had our properties assessed the value of our house and land was raised by nearly twice the value (and we pay a ton more for property taxes naturally even though we are not making any more money in our paychecks).

    Our house has been for sale for a long time at nearly $25K UNDER the new tax value. Yet offers we getg are $25K-$30K LESS than that.

    They have no other motive than to gut the pockets of anyone who is trying to make an honest living. They don’t bring in business and there is at least 1 empty building in town for every one occupied.

    Who would want to move here so they have to drive 15-20 miles or more just to shop for something other than bread and milk? The biggest mistake in years was not allowing the Super Walmart to go in across from the old one (one MagicMart). I’d say that’s why 50% of the stores closed in that shopping plaza…including the ABC store. Everyone drives to Dublin now or to Radford.

    Between all of these boards and commissions you’d think they could do more than raise our taxes. How doing something by the Interstate to bring in the traffic like Dublin has done? Oh…that’s right. It would be an improvement and we wouldn’t want THAT would we now??

  4. Howard

    March 9, 2013 at 10:37 am

    Andrew….your heart goes out to the Supervisors???? Come on…they are politicians…the bigger the government the more power they have. If you read my earlier comment of several weeks ago, the Government process is to always ask for more than you actually need to run a department…did this for over 40 years with Government, knowing that you may not get exactly what you ask for. Rather than raising taxes look for waste and duplication to reduce government costs. Don’t let the County Government become the ‘Obama type’…spend, spend, tax, tax, tax.

    Va. Girl…agree with you completely. For years they fought WalMart to keep them out because it would ruin locally owned business. They caved and look what happened. So now WalMart is in Dublin because of misguided government decisions and that tax revenue does not come to the town. The biggest business on Main Street is the pawn shop. It is really bad when the liquor store moves out of town.

  5. walter

    March 9, 2013 at 4:52 pm

    we waste too much on county employes. most of them stand around and do nothing!

  6. Pulaski County Resident

    March 11, 2013 at 10:23 pm

    The last County Assessment of the Real Estate Value which is done on a regular basis, as required by law, and is suppose to reflect a fair market value of property in “your area”.
    That being said, the last Assessment did not reflect the fair market value, if you remember, home values across the nation on average fell considerably. Increasing the tax rate overall by $.10 per hundred dollar value, can become a burden, not only for the average working household, but you also have to consider other factors as well.
    1. Those on a fixed income (how will they pay)
    2. Those earning a pay check, see less per pay day
    due to the new tax rates and laws.
    3. Obamacare ! How will this effect us all ?
    4. Costs have gone up, as employee pay has not !
    To name a few:

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