New GPA president promises financials


Greater Pulaski Alliance’s new president vowed Tuesday to provide Pulaski Town Council a report on the group’s finances back to 2007.

Asking council to give him until May 7 to review and analyze GPA records and prepare a written report, Nick Glenn said, “If I can’t get (financial records) from one source, I intend to get them from a secondary source, which would be the bank.”

He said he thinks records are available from 2007 to the first quarter of 2013, but older ones may be available since National Bank of Blacksburg has always handled the group’s account.

Councilman Jamie Radcliffe said he would like to see records from early 2006. Councilman Greg East pointed out “there was a significant transition in GPA at that time regarding the director.”

Glenn said he would see what he could find and indicated he would provide the report prior to May 7, if possible. “I don’t anticipate any problems,” he said, “but I do want to do a thorough review” of the financial records.

Glenn had two other requests of council Tuesday. He asked that council have Town Manager John Hawley draft a “simple, one-paragraph letter” to GPA indicating what information council wants to receive from the organization and he asked that $1,000 be earmarked and held in the town’s General Fund for GPA in the 2013-14 budget.

“I don’t anticipate that we’ll need the money. I don’t want the money, if I can avoid it,” said Glenn. “But it would be there in case something comes up where there is a promotion or something.” At that point he would present council with an appropriate request for whatever amount is needed.

“At the end of the year, if it’s not used it goes into (the town’s) surplus. I don’t want it sitting in (GPA’s) account,” he said. “It’s not appropriate for public funds to be sitting out there like that.”

Glenn said he would like to resolve issues that have arisen regarding GPA.

He said his intent is to analyze the financial records and then hand them over to town council in case council wants someone else to analyze them.

“I’m looking for (a comparison of) the income to the expenses, particularly during the summer months because that’s when income was coming in through the flea market and farmer’s market. I want to see if there is a trend there,” said Glenn.

As for the future of the group, he said the board of directors “may kick me out at the next board meeting when they find out what I’m trying to do. I want to try to re-establish the GPA’s membership, get a dues structure set up, get all of our records in proper order so that anybody, including citizens who ask for a document about the GPA, can get it in a timely fashion (less than 30 days).

He continued, “I want to get the organization back up. I feel real good about the board that’s been appointed. I think we can get the job done. We’re going to have a new sense of direction and cooperation with everybody. I plan not to have a hatchet out there looking for anybody.

“I want to get along with the Chamber of Commerce and all of the other organizations and make sure everything is being done on behalf of the citizens of Pulaski County and I think that’s what you want us to do,” he said, indicating the organization may stumble and fall some in the process, but it will get back up and keep going.

If council decides, after seeing GPA’s financial reports, not to provide any funding to the group, Glenn said that will “be fine.”

Mayor Jeff Worrell told Glenn he thinks GPA is “on the right path.”

East, who has objected to providing any funding for GPA, asked Glenn about issues pertaining to GPA that were raised by Henry Avenue resident Clark Payne at a budget work session last week. He said he believes Payne “brought up some very important points” regarding the GPA’s loss of its incorporation and nonprofit credentials.

Glenn said he hopes to have both taken care of in 30 days. He said he was told State Corporation Commission (SCC) papers have already been “taken care of” and all GPA has to do is write the SCC a check for the years that are owed, plus possibly pay a fee.

As for the nonprofit status, Glenn wasn’t sure of the status. He said GPA’s former vice president told him GPA has “been in negotiations with the IRS.” He told council he will find out the status and get it straightened out. “Hopefully we can get it reinstated and not have to start all over again,” he added.

“I’m glad you came on board because I think you’ll do a wonderful job getting GPA back up and going,” Radcliffe told Glenn. “You’ve been in business for many years here.”

East said he sees Glenn’s role as president of GPA to be a positive move. “GPA certainly has a lot of work to do to re-establish itself for a number of reasons.” Nevertheless, he said he looks forward to seeing how the process progresses, noting “your audit will be a positive thing.”



One Response to New GPA president promises financials

  1. Andrew Cocke

    March 31, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    I am curious, what has the GPA been doing all this time? Besides running our farmers market into the ground?

    I’m of the opinion that if the GPA wants any real credibility, they need to wipe the slate clean and start over, maybe even a new name.

    I’d like to see what role the GPA will plans to have in the community. I’m not trying to be harsh, but is it just “window dressing”, or will it actually bring something to our community of value?

    At this stage, the town needs to handle it’s affairs like any good business. Treat it as an investment. Don’t just throw money around. Spend money expecting a return! If they are going to just throw money away – throw it my way!

    The days of kumbaya and good old boys are over, no time for hurt feelings. Pulaski will be dead in 10 years if this nonsense doesn’t stop! It’s time for tough questions, answers and accountability! I know a lot of local natives may be put off by my recent writings, they may sneer and say “get out of our town”…. thats fine, my family is preparing an exit strategy in the event it’s needed. But I can one thing, we are one of the few who pay our taxes, all of them, and on time. We’ve been patient, tolerant, and good citizens, but I demand better out of this town’s leaders!

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