Man on the Street


Sometimes the best news isn’t what people are doing in the community, but what they’re thinking. We present a new feature to you about just that, giving you their answers to a single question along with where we found them.

Q:  Should the Pulaski city government impose mandatory improvements downtown?

Carol Ridpath, front end manager at Food City: “Yes. It used to be a nice little booming town and it’s pretty much dead now.”

Robert French, sprayer at Church Furniture: “I think there’s overgoverning as far as regulations.”

Cindy Smith, secretary/driver at Witt Enterprises: “Yes. I believe they could improve the scenery and do something with these old buildings.”

Nellie Hazel, caregiver: “Yes, I think so. I think they need to put more jobs here in town. I believe they need to have something here for our youth. We have to go to Christiansburg for that.”

Yvonne Kinnie, retired: “Yes. They should be responsible for keeping this town up and running. They need to put an Amtrak through here. They need to do a lot of things.”

Jerry Patrick, retired: “Yes, definitely. I just think Pulaski needs improvements. It’s got a lot of empty businesses.”

Robert Pence, on disability: “Yes, absolutely. I think Pulaski town and county have been victims of old politics and it’s starting to show. “







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