Wind storm damage tops $200k


Last week’s straight-line wind event caused more than $200,000 in damage in Pulaski County, including $60,000 at New River Valley Fairgrounds, according to county officials.

Assistant Pulaski County Administrator Robert Hiss said a tally of damage found 21 homes and three commercial structures were damaged in addition to the fairgrounds.

Total residential damage has been estimated at $135,000, with most of it occurring in the Dublin area, in the vicinity of Chicwood Estates and Thornspring Road. Commercial structures received about $13,500 in damage.

National Weather Service confirmed straight-line winds were responsible for ripping roofs off homes, flattening barns and causing a portion of a façade to collapse at the Fairlawn Foodette Jan. 30.

The winds also wreaked havoc at the fairgrounds, where Hiss said several roofs and structures, including the main stage in the arena area, were damaged.

Hiss did not have any damage estimates stemming from last week’s flooding along the New River in Pulaski County.

Straight-line winds, sometimes called downbursts, are sudden rushes of wind toward the ground that are dispersed outward when they reach the surface. The approximately 3 p.m. storm also toppled or broke numerous large trees, resulting in power outages to thousands of county residents.



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