Wilderness Road Museum undergoing renovations



Rebuilding porch-webIf you’d like to visit Wilderness Road Regional Museum in Historic Newbern, you’ll need to wait until mid-March; but when you go you’ll find new displays and renovations.

According to Julia Kriss, the museum is closed to undergo renovations made possible by a grant from Randolph House of Pulaski foundation and donations from New River Historical Society members and supporters. Kriss works with the museum and historical society.

Among improvements being made is a rebuilding of the museum’s side porch. Kriss said that end of the museum is one of the oldest parts of the building. The porch was built in the early 1800s to connect a back room with a store and post office. The front section of the building was later constructed to house a tavern.

JEK Construction is rebuilding the porch. Kriss said Jason Klatka of JEK has “extensive experience in restoring historic structures, utilizing as much of the original timber as possible and preserving the historic integrity of the building.”

JEK will restore the original front doors, as well as installing reproductions of the long shutters that will protect the originals.

The museum is slated to reopen in mid-March.



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