What a difference a month makes


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In mid-December Pulaski officials were watching the level of Gatewood Reservoir quickly drop due to the lack of significant precipitation.

Any worries about the reservoir’s level were recently put to rest because water is once again flowing over the spillway. Even before Wednesday night’s flooding rains, around nine inches of snow on the heels of four inches of rain brought the lake up to the point it was “overflowing the dam by about a foot,” town employee Gary Jennings told Town Manager John Hawley in a Jan. 23 email.

Jennings, Pulaski Water Treatment Plant operator, said staff “throttled back on the discharge valve” at that time to conserve water in the reservoir.

Thursday, town engineer Bill Pedigo said things ran smoothly at the reservoir Wednesday and Thursday, so no special actions had to be taken.

Jennings told Hawley in a mid-December report that Gatewood was 11.7 feet below the full-pond level of 58 feet. That reflected an almost two-foot drop over November’s level and a 10-foot drop since mid-summer.



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