Trial begins for Dublin doctor


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ROANOKE – Trial got underway in U.S. District Court in Roanoke this week for a doctor accused of illegally distributing controlled substances out of her Dublin office.

According to Brian McGinn, public affairs specialist for the U.S. Attorney’s Western District office, the trial of Dr. Linda Sue Cheek of New River Medical Associates is expected to take about two weeks to complete. Jury selection started Monday.

A federal grand jury indicted Cheek in May in a 173-count indictment alleging she was prescribing controlled medications without a valid Drug Enforcement Administration registration.

Cheek’s license to practice medicine was suspended in 2008 after she pleaded guilty in federal court to defrauding the government Medicaid and Medicare healthcare programs. Her license was re-instated in February 2009, then re-suspended in July 2011.

Even though her license to practice medicine was reinstated in 2009, it “did not, and could not, reinstate her DEA Certificate of Registration” allowing her to prescribe medications, states the indictment for which she is now on trial. It says her application for a DEA number was specifically denied in October 2011.

Cheek, 63, is charged with 86 counts of distributing scheduled controlled substances without holding a valid certificate of DEA Registration, 81 counts of using a DEA registration number issued to another person, five counts of using a DEA registration number which has been revoked or suspended, and one count of maintaining a drug-involved premise (28 Town Center Drive in Dublin).

Although it is unlikely she would receive the maximum sentence if convicted on all counts, Cheek faces up to 1,224 years in federal prison and a $65 million fine.

In a written response to the charges emailed to The Southwest Times in May, Cheek contends the charges are a government attack on pain management physicians “based on erroneous thought – that the pill causes addiction.”

She added, “Pills don’t cause addiction. Anxiety, despair and toxicity cause addiction. Dr. Cheek’s alternative medicine helped prevent addiction by treating toxicity. Now, with the situation in this country of pain not being treated, more addiction is created by the Justice Department than any physician ever could.

If convicted of one or more of the offenses alleged in the indictment, the government is seeking to require forfeiture of any property Cheek derived from them, including money and real property (specifically 28-32 Town Center Drive).

If the money or property cannot be located, is transferred or sold to a third party, is moved outside the court’s jurisdiction, is substantially diminished in value or is commingled with other property, the government states an intent to pursue forfeiture of other property, including Cheek’s residence on Miller Ridge Road in Dublin.



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  1. Linda Cheek MD

    February 21, 2013 at 9:17 pm

    I appreciate all the prayers and support that I’ve received. I praise God for his word. I know He is faithful to those who follow his word. The problem we have here is a country that is not God-fearing. Hopefully, if the rest of my life is spent in prison, there will be others ready to step in and change the direction this country is heading. To God be the Glory.

    • Va Girl

      February 22, 2013 at 2:34 pm

      Dear “Doctor”…you say God is faithful to those who follow His word. Can you please point me to the scripture that says it’s OK to practice fraud? Or to the verse where He allows a doctor to use a DEA registration number that doesn’t belong to them? I believe you and I have very, different Gods.

      • Preach It Sister

        February 23, 2013 at 9:53 am

        Amen Va Girl, AMEN!
        Vengeance is God`s!

  2. KARMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    February 22, 2013 at 8:16 am

    Linda Cheek, INMATE # ????????

    All of these years I’ve known people who have came to you for help but most were turned into drug addicts for complaints of things that were not backed up by any kind of medical testing(MRIs, CTs, etc). I know parents that called you to talk to you about their loved ones addiction & to question you, WHY are you giving these meds….My own father became terrible on drugs that were not necessary for his health complications. My best friend became addicted because she complained of a back issue and you gave her strong narcotics. A cousin, same thing. I’ve never heard of a doctor writing prescriptions of such magnitude without medical proof that these awful drugs were indeed needed. Most, even the ones you helped get addicted are praising the outcome of your trial. Like the DEA said, MONEY, MONEY, MONEY….You had or have no regard to others lives and the mess that you have helped along in Pulaski County. May God have mercy on you.Good Luck in Prison because I’m sure there will be people in there that you contributed to the fate of and they resent you still.

  3. Mary

    February 22, 2013 at 10:10 am

    Any doctor who does not try physical therapy for their patients in lieu of massive doses of pain meds needs to have their license revoked. Any doctor who distributes narcotics like candy should have to watch one of those patients
    choking in their own vomit at the age of 21! Any doctor who distributes narcotics like candy and hooks an entire town and surrounding areas on pills to the magnitude this place was should have their license revoked! Any doctor that does this should have to watch their child`s life and the lives of their children in total ruin. They should have to see their once beautiful child lose their teeth, every ounce of muscle they have and their mind gone from drugs! One thing is for sure, pills don`t cause addiction, UNETHICAL DOCTORS DO!!!!!!!! Sad thing for me is, my daughter will never be the same, neither will my grandchildren. My friend`s daughter died at the age of 21! Legal drug pushers! Nothing will ever give those and thousands of lives back who trusted their doctor to guide them!!!!! Anyone who goes to a federal prison still has a cushy life, oh yeah, that`s really justice.

  4. Kay

    February 22, 2013 at 11:46 am

    People need to put the blame where it really belongs. In the hands of the ones prescribed pain medications. There is a proper way to take them, and you must take them as prescribed! And there is a proper way to stop taking them when time comes. Patients have to act responsibly when using these drugs! This doctor did break the law and will pay! But the addicts need to own their addiction! They have minds they need to use them! And fyi, addicts teeth rotting out is from meth! Not Hydros! Odds are they were addicts before they went to this doctor! They heard she wrote scripts like candy so they went to her! My son is an addict. Its his fault he got in this shape! No one, except him! But he owns that, he blames no one but himself!

    • What are you talking about??????

      February 23, 2013 at 12:34 am

      The blame is the doctors…..They write scripts for these narcotics and people do take them as prescribed but they still get addicted…..I knew someone that went to her for severe kidney stones and he became addicted because he stayed on them so long. Her alternative drug was oxycontin. People trust that their doctor is trying to help them not harm them, don’t you put your faith in your doctor.YES, A lot of people went to her because they know she wrote freely but you make it sound as though she should have no blame at all. She knew the harm of the drugs she prescribed and saw people go downhill but still continue to give them their drug of choice instead of addressing the problem with the patient. She coulve said ” Youve been taking this for a while now so maybe we should try a different approach.By the way, METH is not the only drug that rots your teeth(URGH). I noticed you said your son is an addict but you didnt say by what drug, Crack?, Meth?, or oxycontin perhaps? Did a doctor start him on scripts or did he just go out and decide to try a recreational drug????

  5. Oh happy day

    February 22, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    You have a lot of nerve bringing God into your mess! God is the reason that you finally will get a tiny bit of what you deserve!!!!! I think that you should be in the shoes of the people whose lives you ruined. If you were so ethical how come all of the respectable doctors your name is mentioned to say that you need to be imprisoned??????? Hummmmm.
    Ethical doctors get their clients in physical therapy and other ethical therapies, not you,,, “gimmee your money”!!! I say SORRY ABOUT YOUR LUCK, you finally will pay!

  6. Bars Closing In

    February 23, 2013 at 9:41 am

    It`s comical to see you on here defending yourself under the incognito name, lol,lol,lol. Your reign of terror is over tootsie!

    Doing the happy dance! Oh yeah!

    Happy trails to you, until we meet again…….NOT

    HAPPY NIGHTMARES! Do you hear those steel doors slamming?????

  7. Own It

    February 23, 2013 at 9:52 am

    At last a town can take it`s youth back! No one who cares at all about their child/family would defend the likes of you. Lose your license once, bad enough, yet you continued to do this! To claim you did not know that you were breaking the law is outrageous! Money, money, money, money…..the song fits!
    To claim that God led you is even fare more outrageous! He doesn`t lead people to create drug addicts then kick them to the curb with no help. What does that do?????? I`ll tell you what you already know….they turn to street drugs that are even stronger! You knew what you were doing and you didn`t give a crap! 1,000 years, sorry, not long enough!

  8. Patric Paramedic

    February 25, 2013 at 1:20 am

    As one who investigates the appalling volume of physician misbehavior in the U.S., I’ve followed this case – as I follow almost exactly 2,500 other lab coat lunatics per year – from the beginning. And as always, I find it exceedingly depressing to witness talented people set aside their moral compass and behave like common drug dealers.

    This particular doctor now joins the 250,000 others listed in the National Practitioner Data Bank, filed under the category called “Dangerous.”

    And a jaw-dropping 200 other physicians join the ranks – every single month of the year.

    How much of any of this was mentioned in all the “healthcare reform” babble?


    (For those interested in learning more, you are welcome to visit the Medical Miscreant website, or download the book, “America’s Dumbest Doctors.”

    It just might save your life.)

  9. Linda Cheek MD

    February 25, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    I am sorry for all of the anger expressed by all of you. I’m sorry you blame me for the addiction. I’m sure it won’t do any good to defend myself. But yes, God does know the truth, and I’m not the evil drug pusher you think I am. I didn’t see many of the people take advantage of the alternatives I offered that healed. Also, I didn’t start people on opiates. They were already on them when I saw them. If you are interested in learning how to get off opiates, please keep reading my website, the page “Need Healing”. Also for alternatives to get to the cause of the pain, the page “Have Pain”.

    • Va Girl

      March 6, 2013 at 4:14 pm

      “Doctor”, you had an alternative as well which was to refuse to write a prescription to someone clearly addicted. Especially if the new patient was already on opiates when you first saw them as it’s your responsibility to “cause no harm”. God does know the truth, but one truth you refuse to address is the fact you used a DEA Reg. # not your own. The Bible you claim to uphold tell us we will “know a tree by its fruits”. Enough said.

  10. Glad to see justice!

    February 26, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    I am so very glad to see this monster get what was coming to her! I previously worked at a business which was very close to her office and it wasn’t hard to figure out when “prescription day” was….her parking lot would be overflowing to the point that my customers were asking what in the world was going on over there. You could sit and watch people drive up and walk into her office limping with a cane, but a little while later they would come out carrying their cane (some miraculous healing going on!) and there were often cars full of people waiting on her patients to come out and “share” their scripts I’m sure. People even drove from other states to see her.Once I even remember a man coming to her office in a pickup truck and he got out and went in with a shotgun!I figure she must have cut him off, but the police did come in time before anyone was hurt.It was really hard to watch all this going on knowing the destruction that it was doing to our community.This has been coming for a really long time!

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