Southern and staff “Give Kids a Smile”


When a child smiles it’s like sunshine peaking through the clouds. It warms the heart and feeds the soul. Dr. Cynthia Southern, DDS, and her team will be giving kids a reason to keep flashing their pearly whites Thursday – donating their time and resources to “give kids a smile.”

“Give Kids a Smile” is a national initiative that began 10 years ago through the American Dental Association. The program was established to “provide dental services to underserved children.” Since its commence, nearly 450,000 children have benefited from free dental services across the country.

On Thursday, United Methodist Women’s Group will aid in the initiative by providing transportation for kids in the county’s schools to and from the dentist office. Southern and staff will welcome each smile with tender care providing oral screenings, cleanings, X-rays and more.

It’s been said, “The world always looks brighter from behind a smile.” Southern, staff and community members are helping to continue to give kids in Pulaski County something to smile about – preserving those pearly whites that have a way of warming the heart and feeding the soul.







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