New finance, police fees approved


Come April 1, some new fees should be taking effect for certain services and permits offered through Pulaski’s finance and police departments.

Pulaski Town Council instructed staff to prepare the necessary paperwork to impose the fee increases Tuesday. It was noted that the hikes are not for the purpose of revenue enhancement, but rather to recover the town’s costs for the associated services.

Increases that will have the most impact on citizens pertain to utilities paid through the finance department.

With regard to water service, there will continue to be no charge to cut off or turn on water service for customers to repair leaks as long as the water only has to be cut off and one time during normal business hours. Having water cut back on after normal business hours (after leak repaired) will now cost $40 per trip.

According to Pulaski Finance Director Sherry Boyd, customers who have leaks sometimes request that service be turned off and on multiple times when they discover a leak they thought was repaired is still leaking.

New water meter-related fees will be as follows (current charge is in parenthesis):

•Re-read meter reading, $25 ($15);

•Test an in-town meter for accuracy, $50 (no charge);

•Test an out-of-town meter for accuracy, $55 (no charge);

•Inaccessibility of meter by fault of customer, $100 ($10). Boyd said customers sometimes park vehicles on top of meters to intentionally prevent town access. This often results in multiple trips to the same property before access can be made. Staff is being advised to record the license number of the vehicle and take a photo, if possible.

•Meter change out at customer’s insistence, $160 for cost of meter (no charge), plus $50 for labor (no charge).

Connection fees for water service in town will increase from $15 to $20 and out-of-town connection fees will increase from $20 to $25. Water/sewer deposits will be increased from $80 to $140, which Boyd said is about the average cost for two months service.

Garbage deposits will increase from $36 to $45 to equal Pulaski County’s rate.

Several fees charged by Pulaski Police Department will also be increased, or added, as of April 1. These charges generally don’t affect the public, but are fees charged to businesses and other agencies requesting reports and specific services. These fee changes are as follows (current charge is in parenthesis):

•Provide accident report, usually to insurance companies, $25 ($5);

•Provide verification of incident, $25 ($5);

•Fingerprinting, $5 per card ($5 flat fee);

•Record check, $20 ($5);

•Taxi permit, $35 ($6);

•Taxi permit renewal, $25 (no charge), and

•Canvasser’s permit, $35 ($15).

Council is expected to officially adopt the fee changes at a March meeting.





2 Responses to New finance, police fees approved

  1. Andrew Cocke

    February 24, 2013 at 2:37 pm

    If we could turn off our own meter to repair a leak there would be no need for the town to even make the trip! Savings everybody time and money.

    And if someone got caught tampering with the meter otherwise THEN fine them as much as the law permits!

    It sickens me how the town (as a government) does not trust it’s own people, yet the people are supposed to trust the town to be honest and fair. When the only thing I see coming out of all levels of government is their hand out!

    Government of the people indeed!

  2. Grace

    February 25, 2013 at 9:54 am

    Considering the amount of money that the town spent to put in new electronic meters to service customer’s with more accurate readings and leak notifications, the average person should not be allowed to turn of their meter.

    I am thankful that now I can be alerted if there is a leak early in the month so I can get it repaired.

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