Electroplate-Rite: Wells showing all’s OK



Keith Dickerson of Electroplate-Rite in Dublin says wells installed in November to monitor for groundwater contaminants aren’t finding anything of concern.

Based on information Virginia Department of Environmental Quality has shown him, he said, “It seems everything is okay based on what’s been checked. Everything’s within normal limits and nothing is being found in the groundwater.”

He said he’ll keep the wells in place for future use to check for any signs of contamination. DEQ indicated it might do another test in six months to a year.

The wells were installed at the Dublin plant in November in response to “complaints about the release of hazardous substances to subsurface soils through holes (sumps) in a plating room floor and an exterior wall,” said Elizabeth Lohman, environmental program planner for DEQ.

Dickerson said at that time the company had been working with DEQ for several months “to determine if the compromised sumps have resulted in a release from our facility.”

But, he added, “To date all soil samples that have been collected and analyzed have indicated that no contaminants have been released in concentrations that exceed federal industrial risk based standards.”

He said those samples were taken in the immediate vicinity of the compromised sumps outside of the building and in several locations beneath the floor. He indicated he didn’t think there had been any release into the groundwater, but agreed to install the wells to make sure.



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