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ROANOKE – A federal grand jury Thursday convicted Dr. Linda Sue Cheek of 172 of the 173 counts of an indictment charging her with illegally distributing controlled substances out of her Dublin office.

If she were to receive the maximum sentence on all 172 counts, she faces 1,204 years in federal prison and a fine of $64.5 million when she is sentenced in June. She remains free on bond pending sentencing.

In a comment posted on The Southwest Times Facebook page Thursday night, Cheek said, “I appreciate all the prayers and support that I’ve received. I praise God for his word. I know He is faithful to those who follow his word. The problem we have here is a country that is not God-fearing. Hopefully, if the rest of my life is spent in prison, there will be others ready to step in and change the direction this country is heading. To God be the Glory.”

Cheek’s website, lindacheekmd.com, did not have any posts regarding the verdict as of Friday morning. The site had been posting updates on the trial in terms of scheduling, but the last time it appears to have been updated was Friday, Feb. 15.

The website had been used to invite supporters to come to the trial and stand by the doctor. Early on, the site was offering to find accommodations for those coming from out of town and there were also plans to provide lunch and a place for “prayer, praise and worship.”

However, the Feb. 15 update stated, “We do not have a location for lunch, prayer, praise and worship for those coming in to support Dr. Cheek. I provided soup for 15-20 people on Tuesday, and only three came. So I decided not to do that anymore.”

Cheek, 63, was convicted of 172 counts of prescribing controlled medications without a valid Drug Enforcement Administration registration. The only count for which she was acquitted was maintaining a drug-involved premise at her office at 28 Town Center Drive in Dublin.

The charges for which she was convicted included 86 counts of distributing scheduled controlled substances without holding a valid certificate of DEA Registration, 81 counts of using a DEA registration number issued to another person, and five counts of using a DEA registration number which has been revoked or suspended.

Cheek’s license to practice medicine was suspended in 2008 after she pleaded guilty in federal court to defrauding the government Medicaid and Medicare healthcare programs. Her license was re-instated in February 2009, then re-suspended in July 2011.

Even though her license to practice medicine was reinstated in 2009, it “did not, and could not, reinstate her DEA Certificate of Registration” allowing her to prescribe medications, states the indictment for which she is now on trial. It says her application for a DEA number was specifically denied in October 2011.

Cheek contended the charges were simply a government attack on pain management physicians “based on erroneous thought – that the pill causes addiction.”

In an earlier response to the charges, she added, “Pills don’t cause addiction. Anxiety, despair and toxicity cause addiction. Dr. Cheek’s alternative medicine helped prevent addiction by treating toxicity. Now, with the situation in this country of pain not being treated, more addiction is created by the Justice Department than any physician ever could.”



7 Responses to Dr. Cheek convicted of 172 counts

  1. Oh happy day

    February 22, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    Thank God justice is served at last! The woman got more than three counties hooked on drugs then dumped them! If she pulled a thousand years that would NEVER be enough for what she has done! It`s about time that something was done with this MONSTER who had no regard for human life. She has the nerve to STILL defend her actions and calls herself a christian! Looks like God finally is going to make her pay the price for the thousands of lives she ruined!

  2. Va Girl

    February 22, 2013 at 2:01 pm

    She can sing out about God and “her faith” and pretend the fault lies with someone besides herself. Doesn’t changed the fact she was using someone ELSE’S DEA registration number (as if she didn’t know). She pleaded guilty to fraud in 2008 also, so she is no angel.

    I’m SICK AND TIRED of folks who get caught doing something illegal only to start acting as if they are the most wonderful Christians. There is nothing Christian about fraud/lying and placing the blame elsewhere. Makes me ill.

  3. Another of her victims

    February 23, 2013 at 11:13 am

    This is just the tip of her tainted iceberg. Check Pulaski Co. public records. She was FIRED FOR CAUSE 18 mo. into a 36 mo. recruitment contract with PMSI in 1996. Should have been a “RED FLAG for medical incompetence moving to SW VA.” (Uses others for self-gain!!!) Fled 1,500 miles from another state in ’94 to let convicted felon boyfriend (died age 60) take fall for felony theft & insurance fraud conspiricy. Previous VA husband divorced her and died a yr later at 59 Pity the poor 75 yeara old female Dr’s whose life and reputation she has ruined in her greed for $$$$$, travel & fame. Pray for naive mothers who took infants to her thinking they were going to a “real doctor” for traditional pediactric care!!! I’m sure she is already practicing defamed Rev Jimmy Swaggert’s faked tears for sentencing hearing.

    • KARMA!!!!!

      February 25, 2013 at 12:26 am

      I think she will run. I cant believe they let her stay free on bond til sentencing….I mean what would she have to lose. You should go to her website and see that lame interview she had with someone, which Im sure was a set up, this woman was NOT a professional interviewing her…….What a joke……

      • Agree With KARMA 2/25@12:26

        February 26, 2013 at 8:51 am

        Feds did a good job, but are overwhelmed with criminal cases to follow. Check court documents – they are available at Fed and Pulaski Civil Courthouse archives. In 08 sentencing, prosecutor told same judge during sentencing evaluation, probation officer had doubts Cheek fully accepted blame for crimes. Judge questioned for several minutes…..Cheek evaded direct answers in manner which would make Bill Clinton envy and never really admitted fault. Am sure on way out of courthouse she was already contemplating the drug sale plan. Her 21 Feb posting to this forum before trial ended, indicated she might become martar, but hoped others would follow her and take on Feds and continue pushing opiates. During probation for ’08 sentence, probation office (WHY???) permitted her to travel to Honduras!! (Cent-America Drug Capitol) to take non-FDA approved quack treatment course. Her facebook postings document as well as her web Bio’s. Per her blogs, with all financial assets mortgaged, she has nothing to lose catching fishing boat charter from Key West and jump ship in Dom. Rep. or Hati. Her medical degree will be met with open arms in hundreds of 3rd world countries where leaders don’t care whether she has US med license or not, many with non-extradition treaties with US like Lebanon or most all of Africa – beats US prison and since no murders were committed, Feds will likely not pursue with INTERPOL. Lets see if she is really the Christian Dr she professes in Uganda where Aids rate is > 50%. I agree – I think like KARMA – she’ll run while she still can. The video is a classic – “self-appointed by God to fight Govt.” Last two who professed that were Jim Jones of ’80’s Jonestown Kool-aide suicide and David Koresh of Branch Dividian – Waco 1993.

  4. jon

    February 23, 2013 at 11:26 am


  5. Carol

    July 29, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    Cheek continues to say she did the “right thing” and has not a clue why what she did was wrong. She is one of those doctors who is making it harder for legitimate doctors with legitimate writing capacity to give their patients the medications they need. That she continues to think she is right is just unmitigatedly sad and delusional.

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