‘Class reunion’ brings memories




SWT Editor

Theater goers reminisced back to their high school days during Thursday’s performance by “The Marvelous Wonderettes” on the Pulaski Theatre stage. Memories floated through the evening as the four members of the production put their musical, dancing and comedic talents to a crowd-pleasing performance.

From performing at their high school prom to the invitation back for their 10th class reunion, songs included “Mr. Sandman,” “Alleghany Moon” (with props of a quarter moon and stars), “Secret Love,” “Mr. Lee,” “Heatwave,” “Leader of the pack” and many other familiar to the audience. Antics of the four brought to mind actions of four talented high school girls, some jealousy, colorful costumes and delightful music. The audience got to “choose” the homecoming queen in humorous fashion. “Mr. Lee,” music teacher for the Chipmunks (high school nickname) got the attention of the singers and was escorted to the stage for two performances.

Audience members had to recall similar actions and events of their high school days during the well-received production. The cast brought to the stage a wide variety of experience in theater from Off Broadway, various local and area theaters, to performing with the New York and Dresden Philharmonic Orchestras, and at Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall.



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