Brockmeyer piano finds new home

Brockmeyer piano at theatre-web


For more than half a century it occupied the same position against an inner wall of Dr. Milton Brockmeyer.

Tye Kirkner recently purchased the piano at Dr. Brockmeyer’s estate auction and donated it to New River Valley Community Chorus. The chorus decided to house it at the theatre, where the group is holding both performances of its spring Broadway-themed concert April 13-14.

Wally Brockmeyer said his father purchased the piano in 1959 for his sisters, who took piano lessons for years. Once the piano was delivered to the house it wasn’t moved until last week.

“We always had it tuned regularly,” Brockmeyer said. “My sisters would play it when they came home – even up until a few months ago. It was just tuned about six months ago. We wanted to have it tuned before it was sold.”

He joked that he was the only member of the family who “wasn’t allowed to touch it.” He explained that he tried playing the trumpet for several years, but “I didn’t inherit the musical genes” so someone “suggested I take study hall.”

Community Chorus director Lynn Loftus called Steinway brand pianos “the Mercedes of pianos.”



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