Talbert looked for deer, found everything else


talbert bobcat

Born and raised on his families farm in New River, Mikie Talbert has been an avid outdoorsman his entire life, and has hunted since he was nine years old.  While the husband, father, and youth minister at the Dublin Church of God normally hunts deer, he’s found this hunting season to be one to remember due to finding everything except those deer.
With the excitement of that hunt behind him, Talbert returned to the same woods in hopes of getting a deer.  On Dec 27, he once again heard movement and positioned himself to be ready for the shot.  This time, instead of a deer it was a bobcat prowling around.  The shot from his muzzleloader was on target, and the 34″ long male bobcat weighed in at 22 pounds.On Oct 25, while hunting on private land in Roanoke County with his crossbow, Talbert heard a noise behind him and slowly turned to see what it was.  Expecting to see a deer or a squirrel, you can imagine his surprise when he saw a large bear walking around looking for food.  The male bear weighed in at 327 pounds.

Both of these kills were a first for Talbert, who is still in search of his first deer of the season.  Fortunately he is also fond of fishing and owns his own boat, so if his plans for a deer fall through he’ll still be able to enjoy a fish dinner from time to time.



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