Dublin PD gets a new set of tools









Dublin Police Department kicked off the new year with a new set of tools under its belt.

Grey Wolf Machining Co. in Dublin donated a pair of handcrafted, stainless steel specialty tools – one of which is a curved bar with a heat-treated hardened tip that is replaceable, the other, an original-designed bar with a prism-like head.

Lt. Dennis Lambert said the tools will aid the department in rescuing those who are trapped in houses and extricating people from vehicles.

Steve and Kathryn Willis, co-owners of Grey Wolf Machining Co., have been serving the area for 12 years. You might not have seen them around town lately as the couple has been operating their company from the road.

Last year, Steve got a job as a railroad crew worker for Disney’s “The Lone Ranger.” In February, the couple headed to Albuquerque, N.M., where Steve cut up railroad cars to be used as special effects custom units for the movie. By mid-March, filming began. Steve’s job was to help maneuver the special effects trains needed for various scenes.

As filming progressed, the Willises made their way from New Mexico, to Creede, Colo., in May, and finally Moab, Utah, in June. Steve was even cast as an extra. One might find him standing on the Jupiter engine in one of the movie’s trailers.

All the while Kathryn kept the business in order via cell phone and Internet.

The couple said it was “a long, brutal escapade, but one with great memories and new friends.”



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