Bakery interest prompts zoning change


An investor’s interest in opening a bakery in downtown Pulaski has prompted town council to give a stamp of approval to zoning ordinance changes.

Pulaski Town Council unanimously voted Tuesday night to have staff prepare the necessary paperwork to change the definition of “bakeries” in the zoning ordinance for B-1, B-2 and B-3 districts. The amendment would eliminate a requirement that bakeries sell all or most of their products on-site.

Assistant Town Manager Dave Quesenberry said the investor is interested in opening a retail bakery in a B-3 district, but also wants to use a vending truck to sell goods at other locations, such as college campuses. Under existing B-3 zoning “all” products produced on the premises must be sold on the premises.

Under changes endorsed by Pulaski Planning Commission, bakeries would be defined as “an establishment engaged in the preparation and production of baked goods for consumption and sale both on and off the premises, which shall not exceed 3,000-square-feet in floor area.”

Quesenberry said the floor area limitation is sufficient to accommodate any buildings in downtown Pulaski.

According to a staff report provided to council, the floor area limit is a requirement that has been adopted by other municipalities, as well.

Town Manager John Hawley said Thursday the investor is interested in having a bakery as part of a downtown restaurant. He said he doesn’t know the timeframe for the proposed development, though, because the same investor also has plans for developing another building first.



One Response to Bakery interest prompts zoning change

  1. Helen Guynn

    January 15, 2013 at 7:35 am

    That’s great! We need something downtown. So many empty buildings. Looks so drab. The bakery is a nice idea.
    But if this is the same investor wanting to put the Meth clinic in, not so good.
    We have enough people around here on drugs. That is like taking one drug and substituting another. What is wrong with this picture.
    Pulaski is already know for its drugs. People recognize Pulaski as a drug capital. How horrible.
    We should be recognized by our ability to overcome drug related clinics. Pulaski needs to be cleaned up from this. Need jobs. Get people off welfare and into a job. Give them some self respect. When all the jobs were sent overseas, we asked for it by buying cheap made mdse. We need our jobs back. We need American made! We should not sit around and ignore the situations. We should make a stand with our government officials. State, Federal and local.

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