’Tis the season … for more scams



Although there doesn’t seem to be a time of year when scams are not prevalent, the arrival of the Christmas season seems to have them on the increase.

Pulaski Police Department is warning citizens to be cautious of a telephone scam in which the caller claims to represent a collection agency for a cash advance loan company.

Crime Prevention Officer Megan Jennings said the caller claims the prospective victim is delinquent on a “payday cash advance loan” and that legal action will be taken by the collection agency if it is not paid in full. The caller may even threaten the victim.

The victim may also be asked to pay the loan amount by using a pre-paid credit card. Although call back numbers are sometimes provided, these numbers are either “disconnected or not reachable,” Jennings added.

Any paperwork the company mails pertaining to the bogus loan may display a fax number, but will not have a company name or other telephone number.

Anyone who falls victim to the scam, or has questions, should contact the police department at 994-8680.



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