Spare change for local seniors


Can you hear it jingling in the bottom of your purse? Do you find a day’s lunch money while cleaning under the cushions of your couch? You still have an opportunity to put all that loose change to good use by supporting a charitable project here in Pulaski.

Retired Senior Volunteer Programs (RSVP) of Pulaski is sponsoring its 5th annual Supplies for Seniors project through the end of December. The organization asks the public to assist by “gathering up all that loose change in your car, in your desk drawer and in the change dish on your dresser” and donating it to the cause. The money is used to buy everyday household supplies for homebound seniors, such as paper towels, toilet paper, trash bags and plastic wrap – everyday items that occasionally run out at inconvenient moments.

“We try to think of the things that would put us most at a disadvantage if we were in that position and we couldn’t get out and get that kind of thing for ourselves,” said Ava Stillwell, RSVP director.

Stillwell said they have served up to 280 seniors through the project in the past, and this year they expect to serve around 250. Last year’s drive brought in $1,100 in pennies alone, so this year they are accepting all loose change in hopes of bringing in a bigger total. This year the goal is set at $5,000.

All money collected goes toward purchases of the items needed. Stillwell says donors are always gracious in giving physical donations and the money raised goes to supplement the donated supplies. Even the packaging and eventual delivery of the items is done on a volunteer basis. Athough there has been a generous response, monetary donations are lagging behind last year’s drive and any further support would be appreciated

“Everybody delivers for free, they work for free to bag it—even the bags we put (the items) in have been donated,” said Stillwell.

People interested in giving their spare change or making a larger donation can drop it off at RSVP’s office inside Pulaski Senior Center at 106 N. Washington Ave., Pulaski. Your donation will be pitched into the collection jar and taken to the bank once the jar is full.

Stillwell said physical donations of household items have been coming in and are always welcome. They can be made in person at the RSVP office or New River Valley Agency on Aging at 141 E. Main St., Suite 500, Pulaski. Arrangements also can be made for donations to be picked up by calling RSVP.

For more information about the Supplies for Seniors project, the items needed, or how you can help, contact RSVP at 980-3969.



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