Safety a factor in moped decision


Pulaski Town Council hasn’t decided whether to require town residents to register their mopeds, but safety is a factor to be considered in the decision, according to Vice Mayor Joseph Goodman.

Pulaski Police Chief Gary Roche said one advantage to requiring registration is that the town will be able to distribute moped regulations to those who will be operating them. Roche said he would like to be able to get some information out to operators about the proper use of mopeds on roads.

“You probably already know they’re supposed to ride to the right side of the travel lane, but they’re riding down the middle of the road,” Roche told council. “Our guys are stopping them now for that.”

He said the department already has a brochure of regulations that could be handed out when mopeds are registered.

Another benefit to registration, Town Manager John Hawley said, is that police would have a serial number to link with owners if a moped is recovered after being lost or stolen. Registration is also beneficial in the prosecution of cases involving moped theft.

Hawley said Virginia law does allow localities to require registration of mopeds the same way other vehicles have to be registered in the locality where they are housed. If approved, the ordinance would only apply to mopeds housed in the town limits unless Pulaski County chose to require registration as well.

The only problem that could be encountered if the county doesn’t require registration is that town officers could stop a moped that isn’t displaying a registration, only to discover it is owned by non-town resident. If that happened, “I’m sure our officers would handle that very well and move on,” Hawley said.

Mayor Jeff Worrell commented that the number of mopeds on town streets seems to be increasing all the time.

Council indicated it would like staff to continue gathering more information on how moped registration would work.

Goodman said, “The key is that it’s a safety issue.”



5 Responses to Safety a factor in moped decision

  1. Sam Maxwell

    December 8, 2012 at 8:47 am

    I would like to see all moped drivers be required to take a driving course and wear helmets. Some drivers zip in and out of traffic and disregard traffic laws thereby creating a hazard for everyone. It’s a miracle more of them aren’t harmed or killed. Thank you.

  2. Andrew Cocke

    December 9, 2012 at 4:28 am

    “saftey issue” is CODE for TAX REVENUE

    You think those registrations are going to be free?

    Moped use in the TOP is increasing for two factors, many who live here, either don’t have a licnese, or can’t afford a car. I know a lot of people like to stereotype scooter operators as low life’s and hoodlums, but I personally know many who are postive contributors to society, don’t break laws, and generally try to stay out of trouble. They operate scooters for various reasons, some because they can’t afford a car, can’t afford the insurance, or can’t afford the gas. A gallon of gas is almost 2/3’s of what minimum wage is, most jobs here pay minimum wage, and are part time.

    I personally own a scooter, I abide by all the traffic laws, and when on a curvy road, will even pull over often to let traffic pass. Likewise, I pay my tag fees to the DMV every year for my car, as well as the town licence fee, the inspection fee, the insurance, as well as real estate taxes to both town and county for two houses, and the car, not to mention the sales taxes I pay, my business licence tax (BPOL).

    I ALSO have a car, and a license. The scooter allows me to get to work when my wife needs the car for something. It also allows me to esacpe for a few hours when I need to get out of the house. They are also fun. Not to mention that thus far, they are one of the very few things that we as civilians can enjoy that so far has been without all of the pages upon pages or taxes, registration fees, stickers, licence plates, inspections, and so on and so forth. They are just about the only “free American” thing Americans have left!

    Not for long!

    This is just anther blow to the poor class.

    Good greif, can’t the government leave ANYTHING alone?

    • Nancy Lytton

      December 10, 2012 at 12:14 pm

      This gentleman has hit the nail on the head… I couldn’t say it better… Good Grief Goverment Go away on this one… The economy is bad enough without this ordeal…

  3. cathy

    December 9, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    Mopeds and scooters SHOULD be registered and they should be required to carry some type of insurance. These are motorized vehicles on
    a tax maintained road. I have to have insurance, tages a valid drivers license and a stupid county sticker.Why should moped and scooters get to use these roads for free. Registration should only be the beginning.

  4. Jim Coulthard

    December 9, 2012 at 8:55 pm

    The registration is for future personal property tax assessment only.

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