Moving forward with the vision


During Pulaski County School Board’s goal setting session one thing was apparent – the schools’ vision of “Reach Each Child” is the driving force behind each goal the board has for the school system to achieve.

In an interview, Dr. Thomas Brewster, superintendent, said Linda Hill indicated the old saying, “You gotta reach ‘em to teach ‘em.” And that’s what the board is setting out to do in its pursuit of making Pulaski County Public Schools a “world class school system.”

“We’ve got to learn to individualize our instruction, find out what our students interests are and assist them with getting to the next level, whether that be the workforce or college,” said Brewster.

The school system recently unveiled a new logo. Brewster said the logo’s image of a student celebrating and growing into a large mortar board “represents the ultimate goal of graduation for all students.”

“(Graduation) is a dignified ceremony, but it is also a celebration for those students because it is a defining moment. They’ve accomplished one part of their life and they are transitioning into another. We wanted to capture that,” Brewster said.

He explained graduation is the end product. The beginning starts in pre-school or kindergarten “when, in some cases, parents are apprehensive about sending (their children) to school and students are a little timid and worried about starting school for the first time.”

Brewster said, “It’s a culminating experience. As soon as they turn those tassels the celebration is coming, and that’s just great.”



One Response to Moving forward with the vision

  1. Michael Anthony Williams

    December 22, 2012 at 1:43 pm

    Pulaski County Schools and the community should take the time this holiday season to thank Santa for Dr. Brewster! He is a visionary who truly cares about each and every student in the system. I feel blessed to know and work with him!

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