Indictments returned against wounded burglary suspect


RADFORD – Felony indictments have been handed down by a Radford grand jury in the case of a man who was shot as he allegedly tried to force his way into a Radford home in September.

Radford City police allege Lee Warren Greene Jr. intended to force his way into the Radford home to assault the occupants Sept. 17, but a resident of the home shot Greene, leaving him critically wounded and hospitalized for about a month.

Indictments handed down against Greene this week charge him with two counts of attempted breaking and entering with intent to commit assault. A Feb. 1 court date has been set for Radford City Circuit Court.

Earlier this month, Greene was convicted of one count of making threatening or intimidating phone calls to the same residence and two other identical charges were dismissed, court records show. The incidents were alleged to have occurred Sept. 16-17.

For the phone call conviction, a Radford City Circuit Court judge sentenced Greene to six months in jail and imposed a $1,000 fine.

Police said in the fall that the police department received a 911 call at 1:20 the morning of Sept. 17 reporting that a subject was beating on windows of a residence in the 100 block of PT Travis Avenue and that the subject was “possibly trying to gain entrance into the residence.” While en route to the scene, officers were informed that a person inside the residence had fired multiple shots at the subject.

The suspect, identified as Greene, was gone when police arrived on the scene. A short time later he showed up at New River Valley Medical Center for treatment of gunshot wounds.




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