Don’t become a victim of holiday theft


While the holidays are a time of fun and visiting with family and friends for most people, criminals see the season as a potential payday.

Pulaski Police Department reminds the public to keep this in mind as they travel and try to stay safe.

“Due to increased travel, and homes being left unoccupied, some criminals see this (time of year) as an opportunity to break in,” said Crime Prevention Officer Megan Jennings.

The department recommends taking some precautions during the holidays to prevent becoming a victim of holiday theft. Before leaving home, do the following:

•Lock all doors and windows to your home, outbuildings, and vehicles;

•Ensure all locks are in working order;

•Report any suspicious activity on your property or your neighbor’s property;

•Leave some lights on to create the illusion someone is home;

•Ask neighbors that you trust to keep an eye on your home, and to collect any newspapers or packages that may be left outside so it is not obvious no one is home;

•Keep the exterior of your home well lit so there is nowhere for burglars to hide;

•If valuable items are visible through windows or doors, place them in other areas such as closets, and

•Keep in mind, Pulaski Police Department offers house checks by request.

For questions or concerns, contact Jennings at 994-8676.



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