Continuing contract: ‘Job security’


“In public education, if you’re a teacher there are very few things that you have that really present job security. This is one that gives just that little sense of security and I am very glad to support it,” said Pulaski County School Board member Linda Hill in response to a resolution supporting the continuing contract at a session of Pulaski County School Board.

According to information presented during the session, the General Assembly adopted continuing contract laws in 1968 to establish uniform employment practices, define causes for teacher dismissal and provide employment security after a three-year probationary period.

“The resolution outlines support for continuing contract laws and opposes removing continuing contract protections from Virginia public school teachers,” said Dr. Thomas Brewster, superintendent.

The resolution states:


Continuing contract laws benefit public school students, their parents, the community and the Commonwealth by:

• Assuring the high-quality educational program and curriculum set by the local school board in compliance with the Standards of Quality is delivered by competent professional teachers.

• Attracting talented individuals to secure professional employment.

• Retaining high-quality professional teachers while minimizing expenses caused by high turnover.

• Assuring stable and consistent instruction provided by professional teachers not subject to arbitrary dismissal.

• Fostering professional experience and subject understanding with teachers protected from replacement based on cost.

• Assuring professional teachers uphold high academic and behavior standards.

• Assuring school administrators and managers conduct professional teacher assessment and evaluation.

• Assuring nepotism or political favoritism do not influence teacher employment and school instruction.

The board voiced unanimous support for the resolution.





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