County financing Dublin’s new fire truck


Pulaski County is providing the financing for a new fire truck Dublin Fire Department hopes to put into use sometime next summer.

After investigating several financing alternatives for the $669,000 Pierce PUC Rescue Engine, Town Manager Bill Parker said the best deal for financing the town’s portion of the cost, $119,000, was available through the county. The loan is for seven years at 3 percent interest.

The purchase agreement already has been signed and other paperwork is in the works. Fire Chief Ronnie McClure said he expects the truck to be delivered around June to July.

Chris Akers, a firefighter instructor for the department, told Dublin Town Council in September that the new truck will be used to respond to about 80 percent of the department’s calls. Since it is a combination rescue/engine it can be used for fire suppression and rescue operations, currently requiring two older vehicles.

The truck will replace a 1985 Ford Grumman engine and 1985 Ford E-1 rescue vehicle, both of which Akers said have “issues” that require extensive maintenance and don’t meet new safety requirements of the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA).

The new truck will have rollover protection, an enclosed cab, modern seating and restraint systems and airbags. It will be used to provide mutual aid to other departments in the county and town of Pulaski and will be equipped to operate as a Rapid Intervention Team to assist firefighters in distress.



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