Gregory to bring ‘common sense comedy’ to theatre



James Gregory, “Funniest Man in America,” is coming to town and he guarantees, “If you come to the show it will be the funniest show of your life.”

Gregory is slated to perform at Pulaski Theatre Friday, Oct. 5, at 6:30 p.m.

Gregory is celebrating 30 years of bringing down home, clean, “common sense comedy” to audiences across the nation. Gregroy said, “I’ve been doing this so long that when I started America was just 13 states.”

Being known as the “Funniest Man in America” is a lot to live up to. Gregory said the name came about after an entertainment columnist in Huntsville, Ala., wrote about seeing him on stage. He said the columnist urged people to “come out and see the show because this guy has got to be the funniest man in America.” Gregory said, “The name caught on and I just stuck with it.”

His career started in 1982 when the Punch Line Comedy Club made its debut in Atlanta. Every Tuesday was amateur night. One night Gregory’s friends encouraged him to get on stage and the rest is history. From then on he developed an interest in comedy and started working hard at it. “I never thought I would be a professional entertainer. I kind of lucked into it, but it worked out well,” Gregory said.

One thing people should know about Gregory is his love affair with food.

If anybody shows up (to the show) with food I’ll be happy. Fried chicken, potato salad, or banana nutbread, whatever it is I’ll eat it,” said Gregory.

I am not politically correct when it comes to food. I still eat real butter. Here’s how you’ll know if it’s real. On the package it will say ‘salted butter.’ It doesn’t say arsenic, it doesn’t say rat poising – it’s butter.”

Gregory said he doesn’t understand why there is so much hoopla about using heart healthy, “Healthy Choice” and “Smart Balance” butter. “We even have that ‘I Can’t Believe It’s not Butter,’ butter. Well I can,” he added.

Gregory believes people should take time out from watching the news and laugh a little more. “Take any night, turn off the news, and watch comedy. The news will be there tomorrow and you will feel better, too,” he said.

Gregory will perform at Pulaski Theatre, 14 W. Main St., Pulaski, Friday, Oct. 5, at 6:30 p.m. For ticket information call 1-877-643-6854, 994.9555 or visit











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